Our client service is available by sending an email at or sending DM's to any of our official social media channels. We will provide a reply in less than 1 hour Mon-Sat 7am-5pm EST. 
Once the shipping confirmation email is received - which may take up to 3 months for pre-orders and special orders - the order will be delivered standardly in 1-4 working days.
Import taxes may apply in some countries outside of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Monaco, United Kingdom and the US.
All orders are shipped from Spain or the US.
DHL Express and Nacex are the couriers used for deliveries. In the case another agency would be preferred please contact us. 
returns and exchanges
All ready-to-wear sneaker orders can be returned or exchanged up to 30 days after delivery. Returned or exchanged items must be sent in its original package, condition and with all labels. 
Return payments will standardly be made 1-3 day after the item reaches our warehouse for inspection.
materials, manufacturing and sustainability
All our products are made using the highest quality cashmere, natural latex soles and calf suede and are manufactured and assembled both in Italy and Spain.
All cashmere is sourced from certified farming suppliers in Nepal, China and Mongolia, assuring the highest standards of environmental protection and animal welfare. The yarns are fully prepared and tinted in Italy and finally manufactured and treated with a special technical process to assure durability and functionality.
Calf suede is supplied by Italian tanneries which have in German and French farms their main partners. In every case the material origin is traced to assure the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental protection.
All the outsoles used by Boonper sneakers are made with biodegradable natural hevea latex sole sourced mainly in Thailand and manufactured in France. 
The final manufacturing and assembling process is manually made in eastern Spain.
made to last
Our client service is available to attend requests for reparation of all the items purchased at this web-store independently of when it was delivered. We also provide an owner's manual with information regarding cleaning and maintenance tips.